"Pop and Nut"

These are two whimsical illustrations created for an exhibition the "100 Miles: Art by Regional Collegiate Art Faculties" at the McCutchan Art Center/Pace Galleries on the campus of the University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN., in 2017.

Sizes: 11.5 x 18.5 in. (29.21 x 46.99 cm.)

"Roll Up, Roll Up"

The two clowns were appropriated from Joseph Morse's woodblock print of 1856, "Five Celebrated Clowns Attached to Sands, Nathan and Co's Circus", with my own interpretation of them. The scene is set in Victorian England on a day at the circus, showcasing International folk costumes on the marionettes. Featured from top left row— Turkey, England, Ukraine, Croatia, Germany, Greece, and Macedonia. Bottom row from left— Norway, Mexico, South Africa, Romania, Japan, and Bulgaria. This is the largest illustration I have ever tackled!

This illustration was created for the "Master Teacher—Joan DeJong" exhibition at the Evansville Museum of Arts and Science in Evansville, IN., in 2016. It is in the permanent art collection at the University of Southern Indiana.

Sizes: 2 side panels 3 x 6 ft. (.9144 x 1.8288 m.); centre panel 6 x 6 ft. (1.8288 x 1.8288 m.).

"The Highland Fisherman"

This is an illustration created for an exhibition, "Master Teacher—Joan DeJong", at the Evansville Museum of Arts and Science in Evansville, IN., in 2016.

Size: 15 x 45 in. (.381 x 1.143 m.).

"An Ordinary Self Portrait Under a Sunbeam"

A triptych created with the experimentation of patterning and making patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Created for a faculty show at the University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN., in 2014.


Created in Adobe Illustrator, this trio of images was made for a faculty exhibition at the University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN., in 2014. The title is in Gaelic and translates simply to, "The Moth, the Lion Saint and the Bird." Each panel measures 17 x 13.25 in. or 43.18 x 33.66 cm..

"Heads, You Lose"

St. Agnes, St. Dymphna and St. Margaret were all young Christian martyrs beheaded for their faith. Like the triptych above, this was created for a faculty exhibition at the University of Southern Indiana in 2014.

"A Tribute to Guillaume Apollinaire"

French poet, playwright, short story writer, novelist and art critic Guillaume Apollinaire is credited with coining the word Surrealism and writing one of the earliest works described as surrealist. He also worked with typography in creating what was then known as Calligrammes and later became known as Concrete Poetry. The spatial arrangement of the words on a page plays just as much of a role in the meaning of each poem as the words themselves.

Apollinaire described his work as follows:
"The Calligrammes are an idealisation of free verse poetry and typographical precision in an era when typography is reaching a brilliant end to its career, at the dawn of the new means of reproduction that are the cinema and the phonograph." 

This is my tribute to his wonderful legacy of poems. The series won First Place in the category of Digital Illustration in 2010 for the exhibition “Digitized”, in Evansville Indiana, sponsored by the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana.

"Celebrate Diversity"

International folk costumes: Evansville International Folkdancers poster and flyer series.

"Last Minute Plans"

A lot of speculation and stories surround the alleged flood which wiped out all but Noah's family and we always hear from a human perspective, but what about the animals? What were they possibly thinking about all of this nonsense? How did Noah know which two animals were going to breed and carry on their species? Too many questions arise…

I tried to mimic the aesthetic of a traditional medium called 'scratch-board' but using digital media for my tools. I think it was quite successful and caught a moment of possible mutiny.


Illustrations for a book entitled Panacea. Shown in order: "Coffea Arabica", "Croton Tiglium", "Echinacea Purpurea", "Ginkgo Biloba", "Lavendula Angustifolia", "Myristica Fragrans", "Sutherlandia Frutescens", and "Trifolium Pratense".

"Life Series"

This 2009 winning series was created in Photoshop and was an experimentation of layering images and text and intertwining the two. Each panel is 8.887 x 13.333 in. or 22.57 x 33.85 cm.. Each panel reflects on varying aspects of life; love, mercy, sorrow, desire, faith, joy, calm, and time.

"Islamic Miscellaneous"

A much earlier work, I was experimenting with Islamic patterning, as well as Moghul illustration interpretations in Adobe Illustrator. Titled in shown sequence: "Muhammad Star", "Mulku Square", "Optical Kufi", "Shahada", "Allah Wahad", "Adam and Hawa", "Electives", "Moghul Pic", and "The Court".

"Solitude Triptych"

A vector illustration done in Adobe Illustrator measuring 28 x 32 in. (71.12 x 81.28 cm.); accompanied by a detail of the illustration.


A vector illustration done in Adobe Illustrator measuring 52 x 39 in. (132.08 x 99.06 cm.).

"The Tale of Tommy Tall"

Cover and illustrations of children's book, The Tale of Tommy Tall. Pages are 10 x 10 in. (25.4 x 25.4 cm.).