"Fadeaway Farm"

This logo was created for a Boer Goat farm in Portland, Tennessee.


This mural is being used in the Children's Garden at the Nebraska State Holocaust Memorial in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska.

"Peace, Love, Hope, Dance"

Poster design for Evansville International Folkdancers, located in Evansville, Indiana.

"Miscellaneous Logos"

In order of appearance: "Holistic Health Resources LLC (logo, business card, half-page flyer/front and back)"; "Todd Knitz (logo, web banner)"; "Trillium Inc. (logo)"; "ZaxLab Orthodontics (logo: color/greyscale)"; "Society of Creative People (logo: color/black and white)" and "The Granola Jar (logo)".

"The Granola Jar"

Various collateral, including: menu, ads, business card, signage and stationery.

"Nealie Anthony—Pastry Chef"

Nealie wanted a business card that was 'fun' and 'whimsical'. The first image is a variety of samples for her consideration and the second image is the card Nealie chose for her pastry business.

"Typography Web Banners"

These were created for another website I own called Sheltonography, which has since been updated and they no longer work with the current aesthetic. The previous site was much more whimsical and playful.


I enjoy a good pun or a good laugh and have created the below comics for a little light relief. I sometimes use them in the classroom to lighten the atmosphere.

"Technoscapes: Board Game"

The 'Digital Divide' or the digital split, is a social issue referring to the differing amount of information between those who have access to the Internet and those who do not have access. The term became popular among concerned parties, such as scholars, policy makers and advocacy groups. The objective here was to create a deliverable that would be an educational tool about the subject.

"Kodak Annual Report"

This is one of two projects completed for GR699 "Special Topics: Conceptual Development" at the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco, CA..

"Man Up"

As a semester long project in Grad School, we were involved in intensive research and created a myriad of exercises and design artifacts on one subject with the final deliverable being an 80-page book (minimum), which is shown below.

"There's A Seuss On The Loose—
World War II Editorial Cartoons of Theodor S. Geisel"

For this project in Grad School, we were to create a book that has multiple sections that will utilize a type system to bring them all together. As a fan of Seussology, I decided Dr. Seuss was definitely my choice to pursue in this project. Contents included a half-title page, full title page, table of content, subject in general, introduction to the artist/designer, showcase of their work, and information graphics. The minimum pages for the book was 80 pages. My book was almost twice as large (I couldn't stop!!).

The text I used was from the wonderful book, 
Dr. Seuss Goes to War by Richard H. Minear; New Press Publishers in New York.

"Typography Posters"

As typography is one of my favorite subjects I teach at university, I decided to create 3 typographic posters based on Maximilien Vox's classification of type families. I chose to create three of my favorite sans-serif families: neo-grotesque, geometric and humanist. I limited myself to two-colors and decided to work with varying shades of magenta and black. With the focus being on the font form itself I was hesitant to show too much color and decided on a subtle dotted tone-on-tone to provide a nice texture on an otherwise flat surface.


Two large poster designs on the same theme: healing. The first image speaks of physical preventative healing, based on the old adage that 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away', while the second image deals more with emotional healing; especially for survivors of the holocaust. The names of the work and death camps are in the background on the second poster.

"Photo Restoration"

Client: Dixon Family, Henderson, KY.